Bicycle tethers

Our bicycle tethers are equipped with ALR rollers to guarantee maximum safety of the bicycle. The ALR retractor is used because the strap is firmly secured once the hook is fastened and cannot be extracted anymore, ensuring that the bicycle is secured in the best possible manner. The belt can be used again only after the hook is unfastened and after complete retraction of the strap.

Special area of application: buses and trains.


Fall protection belts

Our mono-sensitive (locking only takes place due to strap acceleration) ELR retractors are used in our fall protection belts. These belts are used especially in the additional safety of roller doors or machines, with a minimum breaking load of 14.7 kN.

Our fall protection belts stand out because of their versatility. Thus, they can also be used as static belts and can be equipped to the left and right with end brackets from our product program. Over and above that, it is possible to create special geometries for the end brackets from a specific number of units.

Areas of application:

  • Securing pneumatic height adjustments in seats. (static belt)
  • Securing roller doors (mono-sensitive retractor)
  • Securing flaps and engine bonnets (mono-sensitive retractor)


YOYO belts

Our YOYO belts use retractors without any locking mechanism. In this, locking only takes place when the strap is extended completely and not in case of acceleration of the strap retraction or when the retractor tilts. The belt is delivered with a retractor at one end and with our end brackets at the other.

YOYO belts are used in construction equipment. Therefore, the engine bonnet can be opened only to a specific securing point.

Take your pick: simply choose the relevant end bracket from our product program. As for the length of the strap, we go by your individual requirements. It is also possible to create special geometries from a specific number of units.


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