ELR Retractors

ELR Retractors

ELR Retractors (Emergency Locking Retractor) provide a tested, high-technology symbiosis of safety and comfort. In this respect it means retractors with two different sensors that lock the mechanism independently in an emergency. In case of rapid vehicle deceleration, which results in accelerated strap extraction and/or the ELR retractors lock in case the vehicle tilts and thus provide rollover protection.

Mono-sensitive ELR retractors are permitted in countries outside Europe. These lock only when the vehicle decelerates (= strap acceleration).

Available sizes:

Mini ELR
Is used in our 2-point belt systems. Strap capacity max 1,100mm

Full-size ELR
Is used in our 2 point and/or 3 point belt systems. Strap capacity max 2,200mm.

When it comes to reliable and tested technology for use in commercial vehicles, ELR offers passengers the most comfortable solution.

  • Optimised installation size
  • Robust full cover
  • Individually adjustable retraction force because of different spring characteristic curves (comfort, standard and reinforced spring) for the best possible comfort
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Tilt-lock sensor system for the most varied installation situations
    Sensor for vertical strap outlet (All-Age) in case of full-size retractors (installation in backrest)
  • Flex-sensor for adjustable backrest (installation in backrest)
  • Highest possible strap capacity with lowest possible clearance
  • Strap guide funnel for protecting the strap during retraction and extraction

The ELR responds to the following situations:


Vehicle deceleration

Strap acceleration



Tilting the vehicle in any direction, different mounting degrees influence this mechanism


Sistema de bloqueo ante-rebote (ARBS)

El sistema de bloqueo anti-rebote es una innovación revolucionaria y única de la marca Fasching. El sistema patentado ARBS evita el bloqueo del retractor cuando el cinturón se enrolla de forma descontrolada (efecto latigazo). Si el cinturón se retrae demasiado rápido, la rueda de inercia se detendrá en el anillo dentado, lo que evita un bloqueo incontrolado del cinturón al enrollarse. Con el cinturón abrochado, el ARBS cumple las funciones de un retractor ELR estándar y puede instalarse opcionalmente con ELR y ALR mini.

All-Age System

Safety is always a question of individual requirements. Because of this, we have developed a system with vertical strap outlet without deflection of the strap, which allows you to change the height of the diagonal shoulder belt by up to +/- 100mm. This way, the belt can be adjusted perfectly to the size and the shoulder height of the passenger and maximum safety can be provided.

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