3-Point Belt System

We are setting new standards with our tested 3-point belt systems in the area of personal safety. The 3-point belt systems offer a highest possible strap capacity of 2,200mm with the lowest possible clearance. The multitude of tilt-lock sensors always offers space-saving installation in the most diverse installation situations and highest possible ergonomics and safety.

Static 3-Point Belt for countries outside Europe

Within Europe, a belt system with anchorage points as per ECE R16, or even optionally deviating norms, must be permitted. Our service guides you from the advice on the most suitable belt system, through the type-approval process, to the complete installation. This commitment forms another important cornerstone for the international success of our company.

Its advantages

  • Individual adjustment of the belt system for your seat

  • Highest possible strap capacity (2,200mm) with lowest possible clearance

  • A multitude of tilt-lock sensors enable most diverse installation situations

  • Flex Sensor

  • All Age Belt

  • Type-approval as per ECE R16 or other country-specific regulations

  • Option: Full cover – protection against dirt and more protection against vandalism

  • Highest possible comfort through individually coordinated retraction force


Standard 3-Point Belt system

Less consumption of space with maximum strap capacity characterises our 3-point belt system. Optimised sleeves enable installation in challenging conditions. Our modular construction system is used in this case as well. This enables you to configure your safety belt individually with existing components made from our product palette and thus ensures more safety and flexibility.

3-Point Flex system

Our patented 3-point flex system provides safety in every situation: Our flex-sensor makes it possible to install the safety belt in an adjustable backrest by up to 27°. The special sensor compensates the range of adjustment of the backrest and at the same time it prevents the safety belt from locking in non-emergency situations; the belt is guaranteed to lock if the vehicle tilts or acceleration of the strap occurs.

3-Point All-Age System

Our All-Age safety belt is also an in-house, patented innovation. It is the world’s first safety belt with vertical strap outlet without deflection of the strap. The All-Age system thus allows the change of the diagonal shoulder belt height by up to +/- 100mm. The belt can thus be adjusted perfectly to the size and the shoulder height of the passenger and maximum safety can be provided.

ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) are automatic retractors with two different sensors locking the mechanism independently in an emergency: vehicle deceleration, which results in acceleration of the strap and/or the vehicle tilts, thus providing rollover protection, giving the passenger a high-technology symbiosis of safety and comfort.