Safety Belts

Fasching Safety Belts: individual solutions for your seat.

Be it buses, commercial vehicles or cars – safety save lives daily and must therefore cater to the requirements of daily use. For this reason, our maximum focus is on individual needs while developing our trusted technologies. Our popular Fasching modular construction system enables us to offer you customised safety belt solutions in addition to standard solutions for almost all areas of application. We would be happy to send you samples of our complete belt systems and our individual solutions in no time at all!

Our components are always manufactured and tested using the latest technologies. In this process, our customers benefit from the multitude of in-house individual components and the extensive individual design options. Another advantage this system lends us is that we can produce the smallest serial batch quickly with a price close to that of a large serial batch.

Tested quality is the norm for us.

All our innovations and technologies are based on proven performance requirements and quality standards of ECE R16, as well as other country-specific standards like FMVSS 209 / 302, SAE J386, etc.

These guidelines provide safety to our customers and users and are yardsticks and points of reference for our policy.

What we have to offer:

  • 2-Point belt systems
    Static, ALR, ELR
  • 3-Point belt systems
    Static, ELR

We offer a multitude of belt systems



Unser patentiertes 3-Punkt-Flexsystem bietet Sicherheit in jeder Lage: Durch unseren Flexsensor wird der Einbau des Sicherheitsgurtes selbst in einer verstellbaren Rückenlehne von bis zu 27° möglich. Der spezielle Sensor kompensiert den Verstellbereich der Rückenlehne und verhindert gleichzeitig eine Verriegelung des Sicherheitsgurtes. Die Verriegelung des Gurtes bei Neigung und Gurtbandbeschleunigung wird bei einem Standard 3-Punkt-Gurtsystem gewährleistet.

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Standard 3-Punkt-Gurtsystem

Standard 3-Punkt-Gurtsystem

Wenig Platzverbrauch bei maximaler Gurtbandkapazität – das zeichnet unser 3-Punkt-Gurtsystem aus. Anwendungsoptimierte Sleeves ermöglichen eine Installation unter noch so anspruchsvollen Bedingungen. Auch hier kommt unser Baukastensystem zum Einsatz. Dieses ermöglicht es Ihnen Ihren Sicherheitsgurt individuell mit bestehenden Komponenten aus unserer Produktpalette zu konfigurieren und sorgt so für noch mehr Sicherheit und Flexibilität.

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3-Punkt All-Age-System

3-Punkt All-Age-System

Auch unser All Age-Sicherheitsgurt ist eine hauseigene, patentierte Neuerung. Weltweit ist er der erste Sicherheitsgurt mit vertikalem Gurtaustritt ohne Umlenkung des Gurtbandes. Das All Age System erlaubt somit die Änderung der Diagonalschultergurthöhe von bis zu +/- 100mm. Dadurch wird der Gurt ideal der Größe und Schulterhöhe des Passagiers angepasst und so maximaler Schutz gewährleistet.

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2-Punkt-Gurtsysteme können Sie in den Ausführungen als Statikgurt, als ELR mini, als ELR Fullsize, als ALR mini oder auch als ALR Fullcover beziehen (alle mit optionalen ARBS), und das Gurtsystem Ihren individuellen Anforderungen anpassen.

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Emergency Locking Retractor

ELR are automatic retractors with two different sensors locking the mechanism independently in an emergency. An ELR belt provides the passenger a perfect symbiosis of maximum safety and highest comfort.

Automatic Locking Retractor

ALR are automatic retractors, which lock immediately after the belt is fastened and can be installed regardless of the angle. ALR retractors are mainly used in commercial vehicles and off-road utility vehicles.

Safety belt components

Fasching offers individuality and safety in detail. Thus, in our individual safety belt components, we lay particular emphasis on the respective desires and needs of our customers in addition to highest quality and reliability. Be it buckles, tongues or retractors – every concern of the customer is analysed in detail and is incorporated in the design of the best individual safety solution.

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Straps & labels

In addition to standard straps, we also offer belt systems with specific straps if desired (depending on the number of units). For example, you will find belt solutions in single or multi-striped versions, specially ordered breaking load, different elongation behaviour or also differently coloured custom-made products in our innovation palette.
All the relevant information related to traceability of the individual components of the safety belt, the part number and the type-approval number can be found on the label. Additionally, customers can also introduce individual wishes here and select the type of seams or have the labels printed with a special personal logo, from a particular number of units.

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The advantage of an independent company

The name Fasching stands for the highest degree of competence and experience. The basis of our extensive expertise is formed by the successful implementation of customer-specific solutions with the lowest possible costs of production. This is why we at Fasching rely on in-house technologies as well as in-house manufacture of a range of parts and components. This helps us guarantee the highest flexibility, quick implementation of customised products and a short and efficient production as well as the management of product modifications for our customers.

We would be happy to advise you in your project!