Wheelchair Restraints

With our static and automatic systems we offer two certified solutions that best fit your individual everyday tasks and also guarantee maximum safety.

The advantages of SITEC

  • Safe and comfortable
  • ISO 10542 tested
  • 7-9?% strap elongation

Automatic Restraint System

Extremely accurate adjustments can be made thanks to the special fine ratcheting (24 teeth) of the automatic restraint system. This secure fixing system guarantees a smooth and stable journey. The SiTEC system also provides the opportunity to add your own branding; for example you can change the colour of the retractor housing to your choice or add your own logo (quantity dependant)

How it works:

  1. Hook in the front belt
  2. Hook in the rear belt
  3. Move the wheelchair to and fro slightly and the belt tightens automatically

Step 1

Wheelchair restraint front



Static Belt

Rail system: part No.: 10-RH
Point system: part No.: 10-PH

The length of this cost-effective solution can be predetermined before the passenger starts their trip. The static belt fulfils all safety standards and offers quality at an attractive price-performance ratio.

  • cost-effective option

  • manual tensioning of the static belt


Automatic Belt

Rail system: part No.: 50-RH
Point system: part No.: 50-PH

Our specially designed Hercules retractor with impact resistant plastic covers secures the wheelchair in seconds.

  • Fine ratcheting with 24 teeth

  • Self-tightening

  • Allows for precise adjustments

  • Robust plastic housing

Step 2

Wheelchair restraint back

Automatic Belt with Handwheel

Rail system: part No.: 80-RH
Point system: part No.: 80-PH

The Hercules Plus retractor with impact resistant plastic housing includes a self-tightening system with additional manual tensioning handwheel to fix the wheelchair securely in the vehicle with few movements. The handwheel is easy to operate and requires little force.

  • Fine ratcheting with 24 teeth
  • Self-locking with additional manual tensioning
  • Precise adjustments possible
  • Robust plastic housing

Why are only automatic belts available for the rear restraints?

The test standard ISO 10542 stipulates that the wheelchair is fixed with an automatic restraint, therefore we don’t offer a static system for rear wheelchair restraint.


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