Passenger Restraint

We are setting new standards in terms of passenger safety with our tested restraint systems, one-piece 3-point belt system and two-piece 3-point restraint system. The passenger is secured by means of a one-piece 3-point belt comparable to those found in a car or a combination of a statically dual-adjustable lap belt and a diagonal shoulder belt (two-piece 3-point belt).

Passenger Restraint with SITEC:

  • different buckle types avoid incorrect usage of the diagonal belt

  • height adjuster for 3-point and diagonal belts (optional)

  • implementation if ECE approved components

  • simple attachment to the rear wheelchair retractors

  • effortless use due to ergonomically formed attachment points on the rear wheelchair retractors

2 different systems

One-piece 3-Point Belt System

Part No.: 92-LD

The one-piece 3-point belt system is comparable with that of a safety belt in an everyday car. The 3-point belt efficiently secures the passenger without significantly reducing their freedom of movement.

  • comfortable and easy use of the belt

  • quick release process

Two-piece 3-Point Belt System

2-Point Lap Belt: part No.: 91-LB
Diagonal Belt: part No.: 96-DB

The two-piece 3-point belt system represents easy handling. The belt system allows you to fasten the lap belt separately from the diagonal shoulder belt. The system is supplied with a separately adjustable lap belt including a small connector together with a separate diagonal belt.

  • simple and minimal contact with passengersn
  • supplied with two individual belts:?
    3Point-Gurtsystem-gelb2-point lap belt
    3Point-Gurtsystem-blaudiagonal shoulder belt
  • fastening of the lap belt on the rear wheelchair retractors

  • fasting of the shoulder belt on the lap belt with a dedicated buckle

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