Wheelchair Belts

The SITEC System

The true quality of a wheelchair restraint system is proved in its daily use. We have developed the concept of our SITEC system based on this premise. The system adapts itself to your individual requirements and combines existing solutions efficiently with customised products. Due to increased ergonomic handling and the ease of operation, the SITEC system sets new standards in usability and performance.

The SITEC system offers two passenger solutions: either with a single 3-point automatic belt commonly found in automobiles, or with a two-part 3-point belt made up from two static adjustable lap-belts and an automatic shoulder-belt.

The advantages of SITEC

  • Sophisticated technologies, self-tightening (only by automatic belts)

  • high convenience, ergonomic handling and ease of use

  • optional extras available (adapter loop for a multitude of wheelchairs, storage bag)

  • system independent wheelchair tie-down

  • individual solutions

  • exceptionally durable

  • space saving and weight optimised System

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Select your SITEC System:

1) Wheelchair restraint front

Choose between between rail or point anchorages and Statik- static or automatic belts

2) Wheelchair restraint rear

Choose between rail or point anchorages

3) Passenger restraint

Choose between a one- or two-piece 3-point belt


Anchorage Systems

Flexibility, comfort and ergonomic are the greatest strengths of the SiTEC systems. The wheelchair is seamlessly fitted in the vehicle through the attachment procedure. We always ensure the whole process is as comfortable and ergonomic as possible. A smooth and sturdy journey can only be guaranteed through the best possible securing.

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Wheelchair Restraints

With our static and automatic systems we offer two certified solutions that best fit your individual everyday tasks and also guarantee maximum safety.

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Passenger Restraint

We are setting new standards in terms of passenger safety with our tested restraint systems, one-piece 3-point belt system and two-piece 3-point restraint system. The passenger is secured by means of a one-piece 3-point belt comparable to those found in a car or a combination of a statically dual-adjustable lap belt and a diagonal shoulder belt (two-piece 3-point belt).

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