Fasching Safety Belts

Highest quality, flexibility and reliability in all respects are the foundations of our safety belt solutions. These values remain with us even as our vision is directed towards the future. Our motto — we can offer our customers maximum precision and safety only when we demonstrate technical advancement on a daily basis.

This quality-oriented focus constantly spurs us on to perfect our technologies and transform us from a small family business in Salzburg to the European market leader in the segment of safety belt solutions for buses and commercial vehicles.

Another crucial value we uphold as a company is our close connection to nature and reliance on sustainability and environmental protection in developing and using our technologies.


Global presence




Since 2018 Fasching Salzburg is a part of Holmbergs Group. For over 80 years Holmbergs Group has been supplying safety solutions worldwide.

We can offer our customer-specific solutions to you anywhere in the world through our global network. In this respect, we rely on a perfectly organised model, wherein we provide you both local contacts as well as professionals operating on an international platform. We guarantee you easy access to information worldwide, individual assistance in case of combined engineering, and also offer you competent advice in the sales process.

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Competence offers safety

For 30 years, we have been continuously developing our technologies as well as internal processes to comply with our responsibility towards you and the passengers. For one thing is clear: we do not compromise on safety!


Do not worry about standards

To meet the statutory regulations of ISO 10542 and the ECE regulation No. 16, we homologate with the German Federal Motor transport Authority (KBA), with the Spanish (UCA) or the Dutch (RDW) regulatory authority, or with the accredited test institutes like the German MPA, the Spanish IDIADA, the Dutch TASS. We comply with FMVSS 209 / 302 in case of the American testing institute. Other country-specific standards can also be complied with where accredited test institutes are concerned.


Optimum solutions at a fair price

Our standardised modular system offers optimum solutions which have proven themselves for years. Our bespoke solutions in contrast are customised to your requirements. We always seek a swift and economical implementation of your wishes.

Tested quality is the norm for us

The ECE regulation No. 16 as well as ISO 10542 are international testing standards and control the quality and testing of safety belts and systems. All innovation and technologies must be accordingly built, tested and flagged as per the stated performance requirements. These standards provide safety to the customers and, so, are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Without a doubt, they are also an important component in our product development. With certification according to IATF 16949, we also commit ourselves to the highest quality requirements of the automobile industry.

More information on tested quality

Experience from a long tradition

Founded as a small family business for manufacturing safety belts in Salzburg, we have developed ourselves further constantly and sustainably through internal growth.

The retrofitting obligation for safety belts in Italy brought us a turnover boom, which promoted further expansion of the company.

We made a strategically important decision for the future by relocating the production facilities to Hungary. In our production facility in Sopron at the gates of Vienna, we possess a high-quality and affordable basis for manufacturing safety belts and components.

The entry as supplier of safety belts for OEM manufacturing for passenger seats for buses and commercial vehicles, forced by statutory regulations for use of safety belts, brought us on the international stage.

The in-house development of a modular construction system for safety belt components provides us the technological basis for being the market leader in our segment in Europe.

The setting up and certification of the quality management system as per the international standards of the automobile industry TS16949 was a milestone for the company, with respect to organisational development.

The concept of the Fasching modular construction system for safety belts with numerous patented special solutions for buses and commercial vehicles got us nominated for the Salzburg Innovation Award.

The economic crisis brought Fasching Salzburg face to face with the biggest challenge since the company was founded. It was important to preserve the structure of a certified automotive supplier and to further develop the modular construction, simultaneously reducing the manufacturing and administrative expenses. That also encouraged us to explore new markets and new product groups.

Owing correct strategic decisions, the comeback of the markets from the crises brought the Fasching Group to a strong position and we are continuing to expand the market leadership in our segment. Market leadership in our segment can be expanded further through excellent customer-relations and high competence and reputation of our sales manager.

An investor group with a strong financial background is now a partner of the Fasching Group so as to be able to best exploit the worldwide expansion possibilities on the basis of market leadership in Europe in the buses and commercial vehicles sector. In the course of this activity, keeping in mind the requirements of the future, even the management has been strengthened. The management of the group of companies has been handed over to an experienced CEO.

The new ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) and ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) systems offer now even more flexible and reliable protection for people on and off the road.

Holmbergs Safety System Holding AB (“Holmbergs”) has signed an agreement to acquire Fasching Salzburg. The acquisition is consistent with Holmbergs’ strategy of growing its Secured Transportation business, both organically and through M&A, to complement its global market leading position in child safety systems.

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