2-Point Belt System

Our 2-point belt systems are completely aligned to the requirements of our customers: from the simple static belt, through the ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) mostly used in forklifts and construction equipment, to ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) with the patented ARBS (Anti Rebound Blocking System), we offer you the highest possible choice of safety solutions.

All a question of adjustment

A typical lap belt has an extrusion length of 900 – 1400mm (also possible with a longer strap if required). Depending upon the area of application and belt configuration, you can obtain the ELR and ALR retractors both in full size as well as in the mini design.

Perfect advice, our success

Within Europe, a belt system in combination with the associated anchorage points, comprising belt and buckle, must be permitted as per ECE R16. Our consultancy service guides you right from the suitable system for the relevant seat or application, the type-approval process, to the complete installation. This commitment signifies another important cornerstone of the international success of our company.

Its advantages

  • Static system
  • Automatic locking (ALR)
  • Emergency Locking (ELR) with a full-size retractor and a mini retractor
  • Strap capacity
    ELR mini – max. 1,100mm
    ELR Fullsize – max. 2.200mm
    ALR mini – max. 1.100mm
    ALR Fullcover – max. 900mm
  • ARBS patented
  • Type-approval as per ECE R16 or other country-specific regulations
  • ISO/TS 16949 certified company

Integral safety concepts and innovative solutions for buses

2-Point Belt system

Our modular construction system enables you to configure your safety belt individually with existing components made from our product palette. This way, not only do we enhance the degree of your safety, but we also maximise the comfort and ergonomics of the belt system for your seat.

You can obtain 2-point belt systems as a static belt, ELR mini, ELR full size, ALR mini (all with optional ARBS) or as ALR full cover, and adjust the belt system to your individual requirements.

Anti Rebound Blocking System (ARBS)

The unique Anti Rebound Blocking System is another ground-breaking innovation from the house of Fasching. The patented ARBS system prevents the locking of the retractor in case of uncontrolled retracting of the strap (whiplash effect). As soon as the strap retracts, the flywheel is prevented from engaging in the annular gear, which prevents the belt from locking when a fast-retracting strap is suddenly stopped. In fastened state, the ARBS displays all the characteristics of a standard ELR retractor and can also be used optionally for ELR and ALR.

More about our products

Emergency Locking Retractor

ELR are automatic retractors with two different sensors locking the mechanism independently in an emergency. An ELR belt forms for the passenger a perfect symbiosis of maximum safety and highest comfort.

Automatic Locking Retractor

ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) are automatic retractors, which lock immediately after the belt is fastened and can be installed regardless of the angle. ALR retractors are mainly used in commercial vehicles and off-road utility vehicles (all-terrain vehicles, agricultural sector).


Static system

Mini ALR / ELR

Fullcover ALR

 Fullsize ELR