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    Fasching safety belts provide a perfect synthesis of safety, comfort and ergonomics. You can also bank on our long-standing expertise, latest technology and proven quality.

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      Our research and development always integrates a long-term view into the future in order to quickly identify the needs of our customers and to integrate them perfectly into our system planning.

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      • Optimum mounting
        The SITEC systems provide simple solutions for wheelchair safety and personal safety.
      • Straps
        In addition to standard straps, we also offer belt systems with specific straps if desired.


      Our safety systems for wheelchairs offer nothing but optimum quality and reliability. In addition, individual adjustments guarantee maximum flexibility and safety.

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      The name Fasching is synonymous with safety

      The Fasching brand stands for trust, safety, ergonomics, comfort and efficiency. Our tailor-made solutions are distributed globally and we are proud to have renowned seat manufacturers in the field of buses and commercial vehicles. Our focus: absolute perfection and optimum service in order to provide greater support to our clients as a partner for all safety belt solutions. With us, you can be sure, because we do not compromise on safety.

      Safety belts

      We offer safety belts for buses and commercial vehicles. You can choose between 2-point and 3-point belts and tailor-made special solutions.

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      Safety systems for wheelchairs

      The SITEC systems provide simple solutions for wheelchair safety and personal safety. These are available as one-piece and two-piece 3-point belt systems.

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      Special solutions

      We provide customer-specific solutions designed and developed with you. Sit with us for that perfect solution for your project!

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      The name Fasching stands for competence and experience

      Outstanding technologies,
      maximum safety and comfort

      Highest quality, flexibility and reliability in all respects are the foundation of our safety solutions. We always have these values in mind, while our view is directed towards the future. Our foundation: we can offer our customers maximum precision and safety only when we demonstrate further development on a daily basis.

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      A pioneer of innovative solutions

      The development of our know-how never takes focus away from the future in order to best identify the needs of our customers as fast as possible and to integrate these perfectly in our system planning. Our competent and committed employees form the basis of our research and development to this end. They check each solution for the quality standards specified and, in the process, they always keep in mind the implementation of individual needs of our customers and end users.



      The unique Anti Rebound Blocking System by Fasching is a patented safety system. The ARBS prevents the blocking of the retractor in case of uncontrolled retracting of the strap (whiplash effect).

      All Age System

      The All-Age system is the world’s first safety belt system with vertical strap outlet without deflection of the strap. This helps adjust the belt perfectly to the size and the shoulder height of the passenger.

      Innovative Fitting

      The fitting system combines the components of safety and ergonomics. It permits a fast and simple connection of special belts (wheelchair safety) to a track system (adaptive or integrated) fixed to the floor, which can also be detached again in an equally uncomplicated manner.